Pimping my concert

So if you don’t have much to do on Saturday evening, and aren’t interested that much in the Rugby World Cup 2011 stuff.

How about you take a trip out to the Hutt and here my awesome Choir – The Wellington Community Choir – perform.

Songs and Stories Poster

Click on the link for the promo poster.

Door sales will be happening.



So I just recently had my birthday.

The one thing I really wanted was a new ukulele….which my husband consented to buying.

I didn’t want just any ¬†ukulele, I wanted a good quality, good sounding, looks pretty ukulele, which I managed to find up in Hamilton. It’s the nicest instrument that I’ve played in a while.

Then I got a whole pile of book, which I’m looking forward to getting through.

In amongst the pile of book, I found (well actually paul did)”This is not a book” from the same creator as “Wreck this journal” Keri Smith.

So I’ve been having lots of fun following the instructions, drawing, cutting things up, doing random things etc. Should keep me entertained for some time. I certainly want to get my hands on a” Wreck this journal” now and the other books of hers entitled “Mess:The manual of accidents and mistakes” and ” How to be an explorer of the word:Portable art/life museum”


I also got some practical things, I drink bottle for work, so I’m not constantly buying bottled water.

Herb scissors – they are handy dandy.

And a weird not grater for grating garlic and ginger into a pulp…it’s called a rub-it….which sounds dodgey but isn’t.


Oh and some book marks..as I’m notoriously bad at folding down corners on books….myn favourite one I bought is a “Keep Calm and Carry on Reading” magnet book mark.

And a friend gave a lovely necklace.

And that was my birthday…a fairly quiet and uneventful one, but still enjoyed.



Girl Guide Biscuits!!!!!!!!!!!
I love them.
That’s all

New Project…

So this year my new project is growing herbs, and edible plants that grow well in pots.

Me and Paul don’t have any land that we can garden in, so potted plants is the way we have to go.

So far, we’ve been successful with growing mint…however mint is relatively easy to grow.

Chives easy peasy, and the parsley after being re-potted is starting to take off again.

I got given a sage bush by my mum at xmas, and after re-potting it, it is thriving well.

However I’ve got two rosemary bushes that aren’t doing so great….one is slowly coming back to a bushy bush, the other I think may have died.


SO on an impulse buy I picked up Palmers Herb Growers Handbook by Gillian Painter, and has been rather handy in where to place them, how much water to give them etc.

The other book I picked up is Success with Containers by Stephanie Donaldson and Peter McHoy. – It has lots of tips on types of containers and preparing plants for potting etc.


This is a big step for me, as I don’t really like gardening, but I love the idea of gardens, and having my own fresh herbs is so much better than buying them or using dried all the time. The idea is for me to get used to gardening, so when me and Paul eventually get our own place then I’ll want to garden.


Next plants on the agenda to try growing is:

Lettuce – one of my friends has the small varieties growing in a planter, so that has inspired me.

Strawberries – cause I love them!

Ever lasting spinach – cause my mum told me it’s really easy to grow, and all you have to do is keep picking the leaves and it keeps growing.


EEE….my excitement is starting to build up.


This weekend (for my followers who don’t know or aren’t gamers at all) is Kapcon. Wellington’s yearly gaming convention.

And well I am slightly excited about attending this year. It is possible that I’m having gaming with drawls cause I didn’t game in a regular game for most of the year, and still don’t have a group to play with.


I think most of all I’m looking forward to catching up with people who I don’t get to see most of the year, or very little off during the year. And especially the out of towners who make the longish journey to attend the con. It’s always great to play in games with new people , and either laugh, cry or get very scared or angry together as we enmerse ourselves for three hours at a time in a new world and as a new character.


I will post up pics after the con has ended, as there are bound to be many inspiring people. Oh and many inspiring costumes from the LARP that is played in the evening – this year it’s Arabian themed, so there should be some pretty impressive costumes.


So earlier in the year I mentioned joining the Wellington Community Choir.

Well on Saturday night we had a huge concert at the Wellington Town Hall. We sold over 1400 tickets, which is amazing.

The concert was to celebrate five years of the choir being formed.

It was so much fun and the inspiration that has come out of the concert has got me revving.

Aside from our 200+ choir singing a wide repertoire of music. We also had a marimba group perform (I now really want to learn the marimba.) African drumming, and a guest choir Nota Bene, who were phenomenal (and I really want to sing with them too…though I don’t think I’m quiet that good). Oh and ukulele’s as well (which I played in the concert)

During rehearsals I got some nice comments from some of the other singers around me…one aparently I’m a strong singer, and I got told I sounded really good. I made me smile, those singing lessons through high school have paid off.

My voice was a bit worse for wear the next day, as I have also been fighting off a cold, but it was well worth it.

The concerts are always what I look forward too, as it shows the effort, love and joy that me and my fellow singers have for singing.

So my inspirational message this week/month: do something to show your love and joys.

New Job

So I got a new job.

It’s only for two months, however it is working in a museum.

Through a friend of mine, I was able to take a up a contract with the New Zealand Olympic Museum. I’m doing some data image processing for them, which though relatively repetitive, it is a far sight better than my previous job, where I had no interest in the company, but kept on trudging through the job cause I was getting paid.

So even though the job finished at the end of October, and I will then be in need of another job, I’m a lot happier with my lot in life.

Also as a side project I’m occasionally posting to the NZ Muesums blog, when I get to a museum or an exhibition.

Now to get those other goals going.