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I have just looked through the images contained in the link above, and it has got me thinking about our environment and what we can do to protect and preserve our delicate world.

I had found earlier in the month some other websites that are making environmentally conscience choices in how they handle their products and production of their products.

Such as clothing companies that are trying to become more environmentally sound



Of course there is also our personal choices of recycling, buying from local markets and locally produced products. I’ve just started re-inventing clothes, and not just putting them in the charity bins…though I do also do this as i think it’s a great way to clear out the cupboard and know that it’s not just ending up at the dump, someone out there will find a use for my cast offs.

E-day also gets my support, mostly cause for some reason we (my husband and I) tend to end up with computers and printers that die on us, and E-day is a safe way to get rid of the no longer working items.

I tried having a small herb garden, however the neighbourhood  cats decided that it would make a great bathroom and ripped the coconut weave to shreads…I might try it again this season as fresh herbs are better than dried…I’m just not great a tending to gardens, but I want  to be, for when we get our own place as I like gardens, and know the benefits of having your own vege patch as I’ve grown up with my parents growing there own veges, and it really does help in cutting down your  food bill.

I also need to get better at recycling, I’m currently a hoarder of plastic containers, as they are great for freezing left overs in, but it’s also partly ingrained in me from my parents, along with having trays of paper and keeping birthday/xmas cards.

Finally one of my favourite organisations in New Zealand: DOC (Department of Conservation) http://www.doc.govt.nz/

Who work towards the protection of New Zealand’s natural and historical heritage.


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