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Xmas inspired

So, I’ve finally got in the xmas mood and got inspired to do some baking and painting of gift jars for those who are getting them.

So I cracked out my glass paints, which haven’t been used in a long time, found the jars that I acquired last year for my wedding but didn’t use, found the spare tinsel and curling ribbon and got painting. I was a bit gutted to find that the nozzle on my gold lining paint was broken and therefore the paint had all dried up…the black was fine, and a couple of the glass paints have gotten very thick and are close to drying up as well, one of them had.

Gift jars

Detail of the jars

Baking has consisted of mini choc chip cookies

Cookies - YUM

…I also made a batch of bigger cookies for the husband so he wouldn’t eat the mini ones. Two batches of chocolate fudge one batch has been flavoured with raspberry essence instead of vanilla…turned out quite tasty, however hasn’t set very well as I didn’t stir it long enough before pouring into the tray (whoops!), so it is slightly floppy fudge, the other batch turned out fine.


My husband is being an absolute angel and making the hokey pokey as my left wrist is feeling the strain of stiring…I’m not ambidextorius so therefore can’t switch easily to my right. The hokey pokey is for my non-dairy friends…I hope they like hokey pokey.

The xmas tree has also been put up and there are even gifts underneath it!

The xmas tree

All in all I’ve gotten that xmas bug, and feeling quiet excited about the coming day, as I get to see my family in Hamilton and then aunts and uncles and husbands family in Auckland, should be very eventful and filling knowing our families. Bring on the ham and turkey and BBQ – gosh I love having xmas in summer!


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Inspirational Cooking

So I’m sitting at home tonight, and have been truly enraptured by Heston Blumenthal and his amazing cooking. Tonight’s episode is inspired by the Romans and trying to create a feast that would be similar to what they may have eating.

Starting with Pigs nipples scratching

Then a Calf brains custard

A Trojan pig – where sausages made to look like intestines are cut out of the belly of a cooked pig

Lastly an exploding/ejaculating pudding – where he actually explodes a cake in testing, along with the mentos in cola.


I really want to go to his restaurant and try his food after watching this show.




I think this guy is truly inspirational.

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