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Inspirational Cooking

So I’m sitting at home tonight, and have been truly enraptured by Heston Blumenthal and his amazing cooking. Tonight’s episode is inspired by the Romans and trying to create a feast that would be similar to what they may have eating.

Starting with Pigs nipples scratching

Then a Calf brains custard

A Trojan pig – where sausages made to look like intestines are cut out of the belly of a cooked pig

Lastly an exploding/ejaculating pudding – where he actually explodes a cake in testing, along with the mentos in cola.


I really want to go to his restaurant and try his food after watching this show.




I think this guy is truly inspirational.


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TV Watching

So I’ve been watching some really really great tv lately, some of it old and some of it new.

Today me and the hubby have made our way through the first two seasons of Weeds and are on to the third, a great way to spend a wet Saturday afternoon. http://www.sho.com/site/weeds/home.do

Leverage – a new show that fell into our laps, it shouldn’t be as good as it is, but it is. http://www.tnt.tv/series/leverage/

QI – up to season six (F), a great show, and I keep contemplating writing to TVNZ to find out why we haven’t had it air in this country yet, I mean Stephen Fry host the show, surly that’s a dead ringer for having the show air…I also follow the QI elves on twitter. http://www.qi.com/ QI twitter feed:  http://twitter.com/qikipedia One of the QI Elves:  http://twitter.com/JustinPollard And of course the Host:  http://twitter.com/stephenfry

True Blood – I watched the last episode of season two the other night..OMG I love this show and can’t wait for season three. http://www.hbo.com/trueblood/season2/

Outrageous Fortune – Can we say OMGWTF, best ending for a season so far. Those who haven’t been watching season five of this series are seriously missing out on good tv. http://www.outrageousfortune.co.nz/

Buffy – and oldie but a goodie.  http://www.buffyworld.com/

Supernaturals – this is on really really late on friday night, but so worth staying up for. http://www.cwtv.com/shows/supernatural

Smallville – this is on right after supernaturals – the show can be a bit hit and miss at times, but I still really really enjoy it, bad acting and all. http://www.cwtv.com/shows/smallville

So a big props goes out to tv writters, producers, directors and actors, for entertaining me and keeping  me amused through my incredibly boring days.

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