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Pimping my concert

So if you don’t have much to do on Saturday evening, and aren’t interested that much in the Rugby World Cup 2011 stuff.

How about you take a trip out to the Hutt and here my awesome Choir – The Wellington Community Choir – perform.

Songs and Stories Poster

Click on the link for the promo poster.

Door sales will be happening.



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So I just recently had my birthday.

The one thing I really wanted was a new ukulele….which my husband consented to buying.

I didn’t want just any ¬†ukulele, I wanted a good quality, good sounding, looks pretty ukulele, which I managed to find up in Hamilton. It’s the nicest instrument that I’ve played in a while.

Then I got a whole pile of book, which I’m looking forward to getting through.

In amongst the pile of book, I found (well actually paul did)”This is not a book” from the same creator as “Wreck this journal” Keri Smith.

So I’ve been having lots of fun following the instructions, drawing, cutting things up, doing random things etc. Should keep me entertained for some time. I certainly want to get my hands on a” Wreck this journal” now and the other books of hers entitled “Mess:The manual of accidents and mistakes” and ” How to be an explorer of the word:Portable art/life museum”


I also got some practical things, I drink bottle for work, so I’m not constantly buying bottled water.

Herb scissors – they are handy dandy.

And a weird not grater for grating garlic and ginger into a pulp…it’s called a rub-it….which sounds dodgey but isn’t.


Oh and some book marks..as I’m notoriously bad at folding down corners on books….myn favourite one I bought is a “Keep Calm and Carry on Reading” magnet book mark.

And a friend gave a lovely necklace.

And that was my birthday…a fairly quiet and uneventful one, but still enjoyed.


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Girl Guide Biscuits!!!!!!!!!!!
I love them.
That’s all

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