Crafting /Larping

So last weekend, I had a larp (live action role play) to attend. Masqurade on Fleet Street.

It was run by the lovely Anna from Auckland.

Part of the premise was that we had to wear mask….however I wear glasses, I like to see and wearing an awesome looking mask is kinda hard, and having a hand held one it just impractical in the game.

Solution, tiny top hat with a fascinator….I should also mention at this point that it was Victorian Gothic themed in dress too.

So I got crafting…..

It still needs some work on it, as I had some issues keeping it attached and in place during the evening.



This weeks inspiration is being employed!!! Yay me.

I managed to land a temp job for two months.

Doing what? Data Entry/Administration at Foodstuffs.

It had now been a week and a very interesting one at it.

1) I’m used to commuting into Wellington central…I’m now commuting Silverstream. So completely the opposite direction.

2) The perks of working for the company..wishbone is the cafe provider and it’s discounted…so yum!!! And the samples of stuff that the consumer rep’s get and when finished with get put up for grabs…so far I’ve managed to come home with toilet freshener stuff…coffee, chippies….I’m sure in over the next two months there will be all sorts of interesting things

3) Meeting with the reps for the supermarkets and also the supplier reps.

4) Learning the in’s and out’s of the business

5) New and interesting and very friendly people, that I get to work with.

So having been out of work for almost a year….this has been an exhausting but satisfying week.

So for my friends out of employment, keep persevering, something will come your way. And for my friends in work, find something new and exciting about where you work, or talk with someone you haven’t talked with before or very rarely talk with.

New things on the horizon

So I’ve taken up some new activities this year, to become slightly more sociable than I have been in the past year or so.

1) I’ve finally found a new roleplaying group and game to get all excited about. We had our first session last night, and I had an immense amount of fun. It’s a small group with just five of us. A new GM so it will be an interesting experience to see how she unfolds the story we are playing through. One friend who I’ve gamed with many times, and know that we get on, and two guys whom I sort of know but never gamed with. I’m really hoping for an interesting game and a good meshing of characters and players.

The game is Scion for those wanting to know and it is set in the Renaissance….so should be interesting. Especially trying to remember that we are not in modern times and certain things just don’t exist.

2) I joined the Wellington Community Choir last week. It was very interesting and very different from my past choir experiences. Firstly the choir is huge! I didn’t have to audition, it is open to anyone interested in singing. Secondly we got no music! Which threw me, I’m used to having the words and music in front of me and then being able to take it home and practice.

Learning is all done through repetition and listening. They do have a projector to put the worlds up on and they also go into their website song book…so there is that.

As part of joining the choir, the choir master is offering fortnightly lesson for the ukulele which start tonight, and I’m totally psyched about it, as Paul got a ukulele for his birthday last year and we haven’t really had a chance to learn how to play it yet, it’s also too small for his hands as well…so we’ll probably have to get him a bigger one, that I can teach him on.

And those are my new things for this year so far….still waiting for that elusive job to happen though.

Been on my mind

So last weekend was KapCon. For my non-gaming followers, this is a two day gaming convention that is held every Wellington Anniversary weekend. It stands for Kapiti Convention ( the Kapiti coast is 45 mins from Wellington, and is where the convention started).

So this year was KapCon XIX (19…technically 18, as a year went missing)

Over the past two years me and my hubby have helped run the convention, from orgnaising T-shirts, prizes, manning the desk, printing etc. This year the reigns were handed over to someone else, and both of us decided to get involved in writing the KapCon LARP (live action role play). I’ve been wanting to write about this for sometime, but as some of my followers are people who would attend and play in the Larp, I couldn’t. Now I can.

This was my first go at writing characters and helping come up with a plot and game plan. I hope I succeeded with the characters I came up with. The people playing them seemed to be enjoying themselves on the night…and so far I haven’t heard to many negative things about the game.

So what was the game about? It was called Reunion. Basically a gateway nexus had crashed and been closed for over 500 years (this is set well into the future), then the gates opened, and delegates from six of the union of planets were invited to the station to re-connect with the other planets.

We had six writers and each was responsible for one of the planets. My planet was essentially Hollywood gone very wrong. Where fame is everything, and the whole planet revolved aroundthe entertainment industry.

The people who played my planet were amazing, and all very eccentri. It was great to see the players interpretation with what was given. I have to say my favourite player is a guy named Tigger (Matt) who played a producer, that wanted everyone to work for him. He wore such bright clothing and his catch phrase was “I love ya baby.” It made me giggle every time I heard it.

The other planets were – Aboria, who were Victorian’s that lived on the top of giant trees.

Marrianne Le Grange of the Aborian's - Jenni

Marrianne Le Grange of the Aborian's - Jenni.

Chapparell – hippies gone wrong and all techno-tribal.


Victory Two-bos of the Chapparell - Frank

Sujan – a feudal society – there planets terraforming did not take.

Bharat – a capalist society, that had slavery (indian inspired for costuming)

Cigani – space gypsies.

All the players from ReUnion

All the players from ReUnion

Utimately I had fun writing this, even though there were moments during the year that I couldn’t find inspiration, but it all came together. Though I don’t know if I’ll write another one for awhile, as I really enjoy playing in them too.

As for the rest of the con. I got to play in four games during the weekend, two on Saturday and two on Sunday.

1st game was run by Idiot – Cold Shore. (Nemesis system)

Kinda creepy for a first round game, and I was quiet tired, it always takes me awhile to get into gaming, especially at that time of the morning. But it was a pretty good first round, with Freya, Susan, Liam, and I can’t remember the other guy (sorry :{ )

It’s set in the late 1800s with a ship sailing out from Oz to the UK. I played a cabin boy. The ship gets caught in a storm and is ship wrecked on an island. Weird shit starts to happen. It’s hard to say if we survived or not…as the game ended four of us were alive, some were pretty banged up though…so who knows really.

2nd round game, was run by Conan – NOBILIS ( in caps cause I love this game)

We have worked out that this game is my long term campaign, as I only get to play it at Kapcon and I’ve played all four games and have played the same character each time. This game followed on from the one two years ago (Conan didn’t run last year, which made me very sad) but much fun was had.  I left wanting to play more, like every time I play this game.

Basically you play gods that embody a part of creation. I was time. The other players (again can’t remember all the players that played) were Machines, Ruth was Dreams, Norman was Mind and Jonathan was Mischief. ( Conan had changed one of the characters from the last game, Mind used to be Order, but was very much like Machines). We had to go fight the bad guy that had stolen sight.  We performed some pretty awesome miracles to defeat the sucker.

Day two.

Round four – run by Nick Pitt  – Samurai Stir-fry the re-hash.

Me, Margi, Lucas, Carla and again another person I can’t remember.

Using the truth and justice system PDQ, Nick came up with this little beauty.

Again another episode in a previous game that I had played in a few years ago. Basically we are all Samurai from various animae.  So we had Jin and Mugen from Samurai Champloo, Kensin from Ruruoni Kensin, Samurai Jack from Samurai Jack and some extras that Nick created. Bad puns and hilarity ensued as we tried to work together and work out what was going on and take down the bad guys.

Round five – Jenni’s game – The Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon

If you can’t tell, heavily inspired by the emoness that is Twilight and all other cheesy supernatural fiction written out there.

Played with James P, Nick Pitt and Jackie.

Two of us were humans (me and james) and best friends.

The other two were supernatural creatures of some kind. We decided on vampires.

One of the humans (me) and one of the supernaturals (jackie) had to fall in love.

We let the game unfold, with much drama and emoness.

It ended tragically.

Jenni has done a fab write up of the game – click the link below


I took the last round off to help with tidying up.

Every year the caliber of writing goes up and the players get better as well. It’s also made more enthused about gaming in general. Now I just need to find a game that interests me, and a group to play with.

I would like to say that 2009 was a brilliant year, but most of it was pretty sucky…which is a sad thing to say here on my inspiration blog.

So I thought I’d put down the things that were inspiring from 2009.

1) My grandparents celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary, this is apparently a very rare occurance, and something that I can only dream and hope of achieving with my husband, on that note we celebrated our 1st Anniversary, it kinda snuck up on us, so was celebrated with Yum Cha with some friends and not much fan fair.

2) One of Paul’s grandmothers celebrated her 90th birthday and is still going strong, she is truly inspirational having driven trucks during the 2nd world war for the army, she’s quiet a riot. His other granny is about to turn 89 in a few days, and is still in good health so here’s hoping she makes it to 90 aswell.

3) I turned 30 which is a pretty big milestone in my short life, but I’m able to look back and see what I’ve achieved so far. Gone to uni, got a degree and post grad diploma, found the love of my life and got married. Made an exceptional bunch of great friends, some of them I’ve only gotten to know even better during this past year, but these are the people who’ve kept me sane and positive during the year, when all was going a bit down hill.

4) My decision to open up this blog and my heritage one…though I’ve been a bit slack lately on both accounts…something I plan to rectify in the new year.

5) Reading many of my friends blogs that have kept me inspired

So 2010, will hopefully bring me that elusive job I’ve been searching for. The ommph to loose weight and become a healthy person. To keep these blogs going, and to find many new and exciting things to enjoy throughout the year.

Xmas inspired

So, I’ve finally got in the xmas mood and got inspired to do some baking and painting of gift jars for those who are getting them.

So I cracked out my glass paints, which haven’t been used in a long time, found the jars that I acquired last year for my wedding but didn’t use, found the spare tinsel and curling ribbon and got painting. I was a bit gutted to find that the nozzle on my gold lining paint was broken and therefore the paint had all dried up…the black was fine, and a couple of the glass paints have gotten very thick and are close to drying up as well, one of them had.

Gift jars

Detail of the jars

Baking has consisted of mini choc chip cookies

Cookies - YUM

…I also made a batch of bigger cookies for the husband so he wouldn’t eat the mini ones. Two batches of chocolate fudge one batch has been flavoured with raspberry essence instead of vanilla…turned out quite tasty, however hasn’t set very well as I didn’t stir it long enough before pouring into the tray (whoops!), so it is slightly floppy fudge, the other batch turned out fine.


My husband is being an absolute angel and making the hokey pokey as my left wrist is feeling the strain of stiring…I’m not ambidextorius so therefore can’t switch easily to my right. The hokey pokey is for my non-dairy friends…I hope they like hokey pokey.

The xmas tree has also been put up and there are even gifts underneath it!

The xmas tree

All in all I’ve gotten that xmas bug, and feeling quiet excited about the coming day, as I get to see my family in Hamilton and then aunts and uncles and husbands family in Auckland, should be very eventful and filling knowing our families. Bring on the ham and turkey and BBQ – gosh I love having xmas in summer!

Inspirational Cooking

So I’m sitting at home tonight, and have been truly enraptured by Heston Blumenthal and his amazing cooking. Tonight’s episode is inspired by the Romans and trying to create a feast that would be similar to what they may have eating.

Starting with Pigs nipples scratching

Then a Calf brains custard

A Trojan pig – where sausages made to look like intestines are cut out of the belly of a cooked pig

Lastly an exploding/ejaculating pudding – where he actually explodes a cake in testing, along with the mentos in cola.


I really want to go to his restaurant and try his food after watching this show.




I think this guy is truly inspirational.