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Sorry about no weekend update…but here’s the midweek one!

Children are this weeks inspiration.

Had the joy of babysitting my niece and nephew this weekend, while their parents were off at the rugby.

Thomas is 3 (4 at the end of December) and Emily is 1 and half. Both are so adorable.

I got to feed them and bath them and put them to bed…partly a chore but also a delight.

Emily can feed herself mostly and Thomas takes forever…mostly cause the was on. Thomas is at that age where you can start bargaining with him….such as after your bath we can watch Thunderbirds.

Emily is getting very good at communicating her desires…happy to get undresses at the mention of a bath and get in and play for a bit…but then pointed out that the shower was more to her liking…I spent half an hour watching her play in the shower, she was very adept at using the squeegee to wipe water away and see out of the shower.

Thomas as a dinosaur

Thomas as a dinosaur

Thomas is into imaginative play… whilst dithering about on the loo, he pulled out the roll of loo paper to make a bridge ( I stopped him before the whole roll was undone), then with me holding it taught he walked his fingers along it like he was walking the bridge…he then promptly destroyed the bridge taking half of the paper with him and tearing it up say “oh no it’s on fire, see the flames”, it was rather amusing. After his bath, he found his duplo blocks stacked up in colour order, thanks to me (side note Paul bathed him), he then identified them with the different thunderbird ships…he sat on the couch with them while watching the film.

Somehow my book negotiation skills aren’t as good however, I ended up reading four books to him, before saying goodnight.

I love kids at this ages, they are so much fun to play with, mostly cause the make up some of the best stories around there play.

I also have plenty of friend who are now parents or becoming parents, and I really enjoy going around to visit them and there children, as well as partake in kids parties.  Last year we went to our friends son’s 1st birthday party at the Wellington Zoo…I think it was more fun for the adults than the kids, with a photo scavenger hunt and party bags and cake, it was great fun!

Paul with Dominic the birthday boy at Wellington Zoo

Paul with Dominic the birthday boy at Wellington Zoo

I also miss the primary school ages kids, over eight years ago, I was a brownie leader. I really loved it, teaching the girls different skills and games. Now that I’m older I think I would even appreciate teenagers. I know I enjoy hanging out with my little brother who is eleven years younger than me.

Sadly I don’t get to see my older brothers sons very much at all, as they live in Aussie with there mum. But they are in the primary school age and also entering the pre-teen age. The oldest one Konnaugh came to my wedding. My brother informed me that he took about twenty minutes getting ready, which is totally precious, that he is now at the age of caring how he looks. My older brother has had another child, a little girl who will be one at the end of the year, and she is soooooooooo cute and I can’t wait to see her again as they grow so fast.

Anika Rahia McBride

Anika Rahia McBride

(I’m however not ready for my own children yet)

So get inspired by a child, by how they play and interact with the world. Look at how they perceive things, the innocence of their world and the simplicity of it. It is a breath of fresh air on what I consider our slightly jaded outlooks on life. It makes me wistful for my childhood and how simple life seemed then, and the hardest decision was what to play with that day and having to eat icky vegetables.


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