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So earlier in the year I mentioned joining the Wellington Community Choir.

Well on Saturday night we had a huge concert at the Wellington Town Hall. We sold over 1400 tickets, which is amazing.

The concert was to celebrate five years of the choir being formed.

It was so much fun and the inspiration that has come out of the concert has got me revving.

Aside from our 200+ choir singing a wide repertoire of music. We also had a marimba group perform (I now really want to learn the marimba.) African drumming, and a guest choir Nota Bene, who were phenomenal (and I really want to sing with them too…though I don’t think I’m quiet that good). Oh and ukulele’s as well (which I played in the concert)

During rehearsals I got some nice comments from some of the other singers around me…one aparently I’m a strong singer, and I got told I sounded really good. I made me smile, those singing lessons through high school have paid off.

My voice was a bit worse for wear the next day, as I have also been fighting off a cold, but it was well worth it.

The concerts are always what I look forward too, as it shows the effort, love and joy that me and my fellow singers have for singing.

So my inspirational message this week/month: do something to show your love and joys.


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Almost 1 year married

So me and my lovely boy Paul, will be married One year as of this coming Sunday (1 November).

Reception dance

The 1st anniversary is Paper…I really don’t know what to get him, and I’ve really only got two days to go and very little money unless I borrow his credit card. (Suggestions are welcome at this point)

So how has my almost a year of marriage gone?

Not alot has changed really, except I get to say My Husband, instead my boyfriend/partner/boy…which is pretty cool.

I get to flash of my pretty ringsThe rings

I still look at our really great photos…I still need to check out our wedding video that my uncle did for us..perhaps that is something that we can do on the day.

This year we wont miss out guy fawkes…last year we we’re down on the West Coast and it was really wet…there were no fireworks to be seen at all.

All in all it’s been a pretty great year of marriage (joblessness aside).

So thank you to all those who have supported us this last year.

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