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So earlier in the year I mentioned joining the Wellington Community Choir.

Well on Saturday night we had a huge concert at the Wellington Town Hall. We sold over 1400 tickets, which is amazing.

The concert was to celebrate five years of the choir being formed.

It was so much fun and the inspiration that has come out of the concert has got me revving.

Aside from our 200+ choir singing a wide repertoire of music. We also had a marimba group perform (I now really want to learn the marimba.) African drumming, and a guest choir Nota Bene, who were phenomenal (and I really want to sing with them too…though I don’t think I’m quiet that good). Oh and ukulele’s as well (which I played in the concert)

During rehearsals I got some nice comments from some of the other singers around me…one aparently I’m a strong singer, and I got told I sounded really good. I made me smile, those singing lessons through high school have paid off.

My voice was a bit worse for wear the next day, as I have also been fighting off a cold, but it was well worth it.

The concerts are always what I look forward too, as it shows the effort, love and joy that me and my fellow singers have for singing.

So my inspirational message this week/month: do something to show your love and joys.


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So I’ve taken up some new activities this year, to become slightly more sociable than I have been in the past year or so.

1) I’ve finally found a new roleplaying group and game to get all excited about. We had our first session last night, and I had an immense amount of fun. It’s a small group with just five of us. A new GM so it will be an interesting experience to see how she unfolds the story we are playing through. One friend who I’ve gamed with many times, and know that we get on, and two guys whom I sort of know but never gamed with. I’m really hoping for an interesting game and a good meshing of characters and players.

The game is Scion for those wanting to know and it is set in the Renaissance….so should be interesting. Especially trying to remember that we are not in modern times and certain things just don’t exist.

2) I joined the Wellington Community Choir last week. It was very interesting and very different from my past choir experiences. Firstly the choir is huge! I didn’t have to audition, it is open to anyone interested in singing. Secondly we got no music! Which threw me, I’m used to having the words and music in front of me and then being able to take it home and practice.

Learning is all done through repetition and listening. They do have a projector to put the worlds up on and they also go into their website song book…so there is that.

As part of joining the choir, the choir master is offering fortnightly lesson for the ukulele which start tonight, and I’m totally psyched about it, as Paul got a ukulele for his birthday last year and we haven’t really had a chance to learn how to play it yet, it’s also too small for his hands as well…so we’ll probably have to get him a bigger one, that I can teach him on.

And those are my new things for this year so far….still waiting for that elusive job to happen though.

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Today I am inspired by music!

Music has played an integral part in my upbringing and life in general.

Family night was always a highlight for me as a child, where dad would whip out the guitar and the music books and we’d sing and make noise. Or an LP would go on the turn table and we’d sit around and listen to it…usually I got up and danced or sung along.

Recorder lessons at primary school

Piano lessons through my early teens

Singing lessons during highschool

Getting a cello for my sixteenth birthday and learning how to play it.

Joining the school choir and orchestra

And then a local choir

Teaching myself to play the guitar…very badly mind you,but I have the basics down and that is satisfactory for now.

These has always been music in my life. I sing when I’m in a good mood, or doing the dishes…I usually sing along to what ever is playing on my ipod…a device I love to pieces, I don’t go anywhere without it…on my walks, on the train into town, doing the house work.

I have a very eclectic taste in music, mostly this is born from my parents influence as it ranges from classical to all the various genres of today’s music scene. There pretty much isn’t anything I won’t listen to.

I thought I’d list some of my favourite stuff, that has inspired me throughout my life and why.

Smashing pumpkins – this is the band I listened to profusely during my teenage years….slightly angry, melancholic and yet sweet, it summed up being sixteen quiet well…along with Alanis Morissette and No Doubt and Nirvana.

Steeleye Span – this is a late 70s folk rock band – I have danced and sung to this music, it so very easy to listen to and sings to the small hippie in me – totally my folks fault that I love this band

Sky – they are an electronic synthesizer band whom play classical music – this is my childhood in a nutshell! Dancing around the living room in our Sheffield home (which was a converted attic) with disco lights pumping, to the dance of the fairies at the age of four, with my mum – I was one of those fairies!

Don McLean – road trips are associated with this mans music

Led Zeppelin – need I say more!

Bach and Mozart – where my study music – except I always got distracted by them anyways.

Ben Folds Five, Dave Matthews band – this is music from going to uni, meeting new friends and my husband.

Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Apocalyptica – the are a cellist rock band that do covers of metallica as well as classical pieces and their own stuff – they are so cool! Makes me miss my cello and the desire to play it again.

Also to Kings of Leon – they just have this cool bluesy country sound mingled with rock which makes them a delight to listen to.

Jonathan Coulton – for his interesting and very geeky lyrics and the fact that we can play his stuff on rock band!

Rock Band – I love this game, as it can be played with my friends and it isn’t about winning or shooting and dying or having a fight, as I suck at console games, so for once I get to have some fun and pretend that I can play the drums – cause my rhythm can be quiet shocking at times.

So today you should listen to something that makes you feel good – mine was Guns n Roses, Paradise City

Or if play an instrument have a tinkle, and enjoy it.

And cause it’s a beautiful day to day I will leave you with the beginnings of this song to get stuck in your head

“Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everywhere…”

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