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New Job

So I got a new job.

It’s only for two months, however it is working in a museum.

Through a friend of mine, I was able to take a up a contract with the New Zealand Olympic Museum. I’m doing some data image processing for them, which though relatively repetitive, it is a far sight better than my previous job, where I had no interest in the company, but kept on trudging through the job cause I was getting paid.

So even though the job finished at the end of October, and I will then be in need of another job, I’m a lot happier with my lot in life.

Also as a side project I’m occasionally posting to the NZ Muesums blog, when I get to a museum or an exhibition.

Now to get those other goals going.


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This weeks inspiration is being employed!!! Yay me.

I managed to land a temp job for two months.

Doing what? Data Entry/Administration at Foodstuffs.

It had now been a week and a very interesting one at it.

1) I’m used to commuting into Wellington central…I’m now commuting Silverstream. So completely the opposite direction.

2) The perks of working for the company..wishbone is the cafe provider and it’s discounted…so yum!!! And the samples of stuff that the consumer rep’s get and when finished with get put up for grabs…so far I’ve managed to come home with toilet freshener stuff…coffee, chippies….I’m sure in over the next two months there will be all sorts of interesting things

3) Meeting with the reps for the supermarkets and also the supplier reps.

4) Learning the in’s and out’s of the business

5) New and interesting and very friendly people, that I get to work with.

So having been out of work for almost a year….this has been an exhausting but satisfying week.

So for my friends out of employment, keep persevering, something will come your way. And for my friends in work, find something new and exciting about where you work, or talk with someone you haven’t talked with before or very rarely talk with.

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